Choy Lay Fut

Martial arts enthusiasts, who are seeking a more exciting and active style, now have a chance to learn the dynamic fighting art of Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu from Sifu Samuel Siu-Ming Lee who is the foremost authority of Hung Sing Choy Lay Fut outside of China. Sifu Sam Lee was a student of the late Grand-master Lee Koon-Hung, 5th generation Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu.

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Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu is a traditional Shaolin martial art system, combining the agile footwork of Northern Chinese Martial Arts with the intricate Southern hand techniques. Although it is the youngest style, just over two hundred years old, it is one of the fastest and most complete styles around and an effective style for health and self-defense.
Our style emphasises relaxed internal power and swinging movements, rather than stiff muscular force which can be harmful.
This is not only more effective, giving the smaller person an advantage but it is also more beneficial to your health.

Unlike many other martial arts, Choy Lay Fut contains a wide variety of techniques including:

*Long and short-range punches.
*Devastating kicks, sweeps and takedowns.
*Joint locks, grappling and pressure point strikes.
*Hand forms.

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Choy Lay Fut hand forms are circular and powerful, and as beautiful to look at as they are effective in combat. The form often contains over 150 individual movements. When done at full speed the forms provide an excellent cardiovascular workout and builds up the stamina level.
There are 36 weapon forms containing a wide variety of traditional weapons, divided into long, short, single, twin and flexible categories. Examples of weapons are: staff, three-sectioned-staff, spear, double broadsword, butterfly knives, double-three-sectioned chain whip, nine-section chain whip and double tiger hookswords.
Finally, it includes internal training such as meditation and breathing exercises.

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